Exporting Africa

What we do

We are a small boutique wine exporting company specialising in premium quality wines from the renonwned South African vineyards.

Our Wines

We have established direct relationships with the best and highest quality vineyards in South Africa to procure only the best.

USA direct

The Cape Vintage has a temperature controlled warehouse in th eUSA to ensure prompt next day delivery of our wines to our customers.


We are able to provide th ebest advise to our clients.

Red Wines

When choosing a red wine type, understanding wine label terms can help you to quickly work out if it’s one you’re likely to enjoy. For instance, certain red grape varieties, such as Cabernet Sauvignon, are notorious for having high tannins and bold flavours, and even more so if they’re from a warm climate region. Or a wine from a particular French appellation will have nuances that are typical of that region.






Some interesting facts

Countries we have worked In

Wine Estates

Value ($ millions)

Services and Partnerships

The Cape Vintage makes use of great partnerships with industry experts to help us to provide a complete solution for our clients.

The Cape Vintage

We provide the structure to solidify the components of an exclusive wine distribution company, finance (debt or equity), expertise, systems integration, fulfilment, marketing and key management.

Dan and Dre

Dan and Dre support appointed as consultants for the Cape Vintage

Mandela Dlamini and Associates

Led by Prince Muzi Dlamini, MDA supports The Cape Vintage with political relations and high profile engagements.

Portfolio of Projects

Some of the projects we have worked with

Hartenburg Wine Estate

The Cape Vintage signs a deal with Hartenburg to distrbute their premium wines 2023.

Paul Cluver

Paul Cluver partners with the Cape Vintage 2023.


Leaders don’t create followers; they create more leaders

Courtney Mouritzen

Director - The Cape Vintage

Eric Mouritzen

Director - The Cape Vintage


South African Head Office


Fairways Office Park
Somerset West, South Africa



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